Imagine the impact IoT could have on you, as a consumer.

What if your car could have access to your calendar and already knows the best route to take? What if your smartphone would show you what pants are perfectly tailored to your style & body, would go perfectly with that sweater you're wearing, where you could find them in the store, and if it is available in your size - or offers you to order it online, right there while shopping?

SIGFOX is the first and only company providing global cellular connectivity for the Internet of Things, fully dedicated to low-throughput communications. The SIGFOX connectivity solution is based on an antenna & base station infrastructure that is completely independent of existing networks. The SIGFOX low-throughput only network is being rolled out in 60 countries within the next five years.

SIGFOX patented two-way ultra-narrowband technology (license free 868MHz frequency) is revolutionizing the world of machine-to-machine connectivity by enabling large-scale connection of objects through a simple, low energy consuming and cost-effective subscription-based connectivity solution.

At ENGIE M2M, we’re proud to be building this Low Power, Wide Area dedicated IoT network as exclusive SIGFOX partner & network operator for the Belgian market. 

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Technical information

Uplink Characteristics

  • 868 MHz
  • Max radiated power: 25mW
  • Max Duty Cycle allowed: 1%
  • Modulation: DBPSK 100 bps (Differential Binary Phase-Shift Keying)
  • Maximum of 140 messages per day.
  • Payload Data containers 0 - 4 - 8 - 12 bytes

Downlink Characteristics

  • 869 MHz band
  • Max radiated power: 500mW
  • Max duty cycle: 10%
  • Modulation: GFSK 600 bps (Gaussian Frequency-Shift Keying)
  • Max downlink payload of 8 bytes
  • Timing initiated by device